Friday, January 8, 2016

Where is the love?

You will know them by their love. I have seen this in action so many times in the last few months.
I have seen people love in ways that have pierced the hard hearted while mending the broken hearted. That is what love does. It is a miraculous and beautiful thing to watch. Love changes things. Love and hope are the most powerful weapons we have at our disposal when waging war against evil and darkness. I am not sure if you realize it or not but we are in a war right now. Good versus evil. Dark versus light. All you have to do is turn on the news. (Actually DON'T turn on the news. It is so much easier to have love and hope when you turn off the news.) Anyway, this is day one of the blogfest where we will be documenting the miracles, signs and wonders that happen on a daily basis as we go about our daily life just believing that God is who He says He is and He can do what He says he can do.  This is not our show at all. We are all well aware of that. God has stolen the show and we sit back and watch Him GO!!! He only needs a willing heart, combined with surrendered hands and feet. That's it. That is really not that hard. We have to get rid of our agendas, our pitiful plans and surrender the to the WAYMAKER and HIS PERFECT PLAN!. His ways are far higher than our ways. Everything else is easy.....just sit back and watch the show! It is always a great one...fireworks, dancing monkeys, talking donkeys...the whole enchilada! Never ever disappoints! See you next time in the bleachers. Order the large popcorn this is going to be good!

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